Let Us Fill Your Sales Pipeline With Qualified Prospects!

LinkedIn Accelerator

Timeline: 6 WEEKS

  • Dedicated Account Manager One of our Account Managers will work with you to set up all Campaign Assets, and guide you through the Execution Phase.
  • Dedicated Virtual Assistant One of our Virtual Assistants will spend 40-50 hours executing your Campaign.
  • Weekly Consulting and Coaching Each week, you will meet with your Account Manager to review the progress of your LinkedIn campaign. Account Managers are also available on a regular basis via Email.
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization We'll turn your LinkedIn Profile into an "Online Tradeshow Booth" and/or "Online Showcase" to clearly communicate your offering to your prospective clients.
  • Ideal Prospect Profile Targeting We'll create an Ideal Target Prospect profile leveraging the 500 million+ LinkedIn database to find them.
  • LinkedIn Campaign Message Scripts Leverage our experience creating hundreds of Messaging Scripts, and work with us to create your own set of Messages to be used in your LinkedIn campaign.
  • Outreach to 1000 Prospects* We will send connection requests and followup messages to 1000 prospects in each LinkedIn campaign.
  • Followup Article Message Script(s) Work with us to create an intelligent drip/top-of-mind LinkedIn messaging campaign to keep prospects aware of your offering (without spamming).
*All LinkedIn Accelerator Campaign messages are sent by real people….no automation tools are used.
This ensures we can send the right message to the right person at the right time!
*All LinkedIn Accelerator Campaign messages are sent by real people….no automation tools are used. This ensures we can send the right message to the right person at the right time!

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**50% Deposit Required Upfront & 50% Final Payment Due After Campaign 1


Q. Is this an automated or outsourced service?
A. Our entire process is performed and managed by real people. Automation is a slippery slope to spamming, and we do not advocate for performing activities on LinkedIn in a way that annoys or inconvenienes your prospects.
Q. Can you send "customized" responses to my prospects on my behalf?
A. Yes…with the LinkedIn Accelerator Pro package, an Account Coordinator will respond to LinkedIn message replies on your behalf to anybody who replies in a relatively innocuous manner (eg. Thanks or No problem!). We will customize your future scripts to address what they said, and move them to your call-to-action script. With the LinkedIn Accelerator Pro+ package, your Account Coordinator will send customized scripts on your behalf to all prospects that connect with you.
Q. Do I still need to be in my LinkedIn daily answering connection requests and messages?
A. Yes and No. Your responsibilities depend on which LinkedIn Accelerator package you choose, and range from responding to anybody who replies in any form, to only responding to qualified prospects interested in your product or service.
Q. Can you setup and populate a CRM for me?
A. Yes…the Sales180 package includes the setup and management of a PipeDrive CRM account. All of your prospects from your LinkedIn Campaign will be entered and matured inside of this CRM. The PipeDrive CRM account is owned by you.
Q. What is the payment schedule if I choose to do the 3 LinkedIn campaign packages?
A. You will be required to pay 50% of the total fee upfront and then other 50% at the start of your second LinkedIn campaign (6-8 weeks later).
Q. What sort of results can I expect?
A. Our goal is to help you land new clients for your busines. Our secondary goal…is to help you land new clients for your business. 🙂 How we achieve that goal varies from client to client. On average, we add 300 new prospects to your network per LinkedIn campaign. How many of those prospects convert depends on your business, the length of time we work with you to stay top of mind with them, and how many channels we reach them on.
Q. How do I get started?
A. Choose one of the packages listed above, click the “Order Now” button, complete your order and one of our highly skilled Account Managers will be in touch with you right away to line up your first meeting where we'll outline your goals and start finding your target audience on LinkedIn!