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The more times you can put your brand, product or service in front of your target audience, the more aware they become of the solutions you offer. Because statistics show that buyers are more than halfway through their decision-making process before they reach out to a salesperson, you need to stay top-of-mind with your prospects so they think of you before your competition when they’re ready to buy.

The concept of frequency and reach is easy for most sales and marketing professionals to understand. After all, traditional media channels have been measured by these variables for as long as storefront signs, billboards, magazines, radio and TV have been around.

But what many professionals don’t understand is that you can create your own frequency and reach on LinkedIn. The best part is, you don’t need a massive advertising budget to increase exposure for your brand, product or service. You can accomplish this with LinkedIn by using it proactively for as little as 15 minutes per day.

Here are a few ways to boost your own frequency and reach and stay top-of-mind with potential customers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn posts

A LinkedIn post is a status update where you can share articles, photos, videos and ideas. Typically shorter than articles, these posts get pushed to your connections as a notification. But you should be posting frequently to ensure that the content you’re sharing doesn’t get lost in the news feed.

According to LinkedIn research, 65 per cent of buyers feel that the vendor’s content had an impact on their final purchase decision. And if you’re sharing valuable info that helps people do their job better, they’ll see you as a topic expert who can help them advance their career. Just make sure to test and measure the days and times you post to see what works best for your audience.

LinkedIn articles

One of the main advantages to publishing articles on LinkedIn is that they show up on your profile below your summary section. As a result, your prospects will be more likely to see those articles if you’re proactively attracting visitors to your LinkedIn profile.

Another key benefit of writing LinkedIn articles is that the content is searchable (both on LinkedIn and Google), making it easier for professionals to find.

Writing informative LinkedIn articles will help position you as a trusted expert. When writing these stories, think about addressing topics that your prospects would find helpful. Do not write LinkedIn articles that only promote your product or service.

LinkedIn groups

Join LinkedIn groups that your target audience belongs to, and share valuable content as “conversations” in the group. Not only can these group conversations be viewed, liked and commented on, but members receive email updates whenever new conversations get posted, giving you higher exposure to your target audience.

Sales Navigator features

First, let me be clear that you don’t need to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium to get value out of using LinkedIn for prospecting. However, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator plan has several features that will make you see the premium account as a good investment in your business growth.

Here are just a few of those features and their benefits.

1. Lead and account updates: When you “save a lead or account” in Sales Navigator, your homepage will show updates whenever those leads or accounts share updates or articles or get mentioned in the news. This gives you an uncluttered stream of relevant, timely information about your prospects.

2. Saved search – Changed jobs in past 90 days: Remember, newly hired decision makers are 10 times more likely to make a purchase decision. When you see that targeted prospects have changed positions, it’s a great time to view those prospects’ profiles—and even congratulate them on their career advancement.

3. Saved search – Mentioned in the news in past 30 days: Any time one of your prospects is mentioned in the media, they’re going to be excited about it. This insight offers a timely opportunity to congratulate them.

4. Saved search – Posted on LinkedIn in past 30 days: If your prospects are sharing information on LinkedIn, they want the world to know about it, so help them out. Spread the word by sharing their post. Like and comment on that post, and engage with the author.

All of these tactics will help you stay top-of-mind when your prospects are ready to buy. If you use them properly and consistently, you’ll find that more opportunities will come your way by leveraging the frequency and reach power of LinkedIn.

If you want more helpful tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn to grow a qualified sales pipeline, check out our  7 Step LinkedIn Funnel Checklist.

This article appeared on BCBusiness and is the seventh in a series of seven articles about how sales and marketing professionals can leverage LinkedIn to turn cold leads into warm prospects and more clients for their business.

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Why Quality And Quantity Matter When Connecting On LinkedIn https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/why-quality-and-quantity-matter-when-connecting-on-linkedin/ https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/why-quality-and-quantity-matter-when-connecting-on-linkedin/#respond Thu, 07 Dec 2017 12:09:56 +0000 https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/?p=2589 Adding targeted prospects to your network will boost your odds of making a sale, so be choosy

One of the most common questions I get from people looking to use LinkedIn proactively to prospect for their business is: “Should I connect with everyone who sends me a connection request?”

I believe you should absolutely connect with strangers, but make sure you follow these guidelines to decide which connections are worthwhile.

1. Be selective about whom you allow into your network

You shouldn’t connect with everyone who wants a moment of your time. Random messages from anonymous people based in another country, for example, aren’t worth responding to. And if someone hasn’t taken the time to add a photo to their LinkedIn profile, it’s probably not worth connecting with them either. After all, this is a site for business professionals who shouldn’t be hiding who they are.

2. Focus on your ideal clients and potential partners

The first step in a buyer’s journey is awareness. The more you focus on adding targeted prospects and partners to your 1st-degree network, the more likely these connections will be interested in what you have to offer.

You want to ensure that these leads will take the time to learn about your product or service, see that you know what you’re talking about and be convinced that you can add value to their business by addressing one of their challenges or pain points.

Adding these types of prospects to your 1st-degree network means you’ll be able to message them directly. Just don’t make the biggest mistake that sales professionals do.

3. Think of LinkedIn as a powerful CRM tool

Once these targeted prospects are in your 1st-degree network, you’ll have the ability to download their information, including their email addresses. You should definitely not abuse this data by sending them random cold emails, but you can upload this information into another platform like Facebook’s Ads Manager to create a custom audience to which you can send relevant, timely ads.

Think of LinkedIn as a massive customer relationship management platform where your target audience updates its info so you don’t have to (like you would with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Insightly, et cetera).

So if you’re already spending money on buying industry email lists, or wasting your money running ad campaigns that aren’t as targeted as they could be and where you can’t directly measure ROI, stop doing those things now.

Instead, focus on growing your targeted 1st-degree network on LinkedIn. Then leverage that data to position your product or service in front of your ideal target audience.

Remember, building your 1st-degree network has a multiplying effect. And everyone starts with zero connections, so start today. Add five new contacts a day, and keep making progress!

If you want more helpful tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn to grow a qualified sales pipeline, check out our  7 Step LinkedIn Funnel Checklist.

This article appeared on BCBusiness and is the sixth in a series of seven articles about how sales and marketing professionals can leverage LinkedIn to turn cold leads into warm prospects and more clients for their business.

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The Worst Mistake Sales Professionals Make on LinkedIn https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/the-worst-mistake-sales-professionals-make-on-linkedin/ https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/the-worst-mistake-sales-professionals-make-on-linkedin/#comments Fri, 01 Dec 2017 10:41:31 +0000 https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/?p=2514 Follow these 3 rules to avoid alienating potential clients

There’s a right and a wrong way to use LinkedIn. One common mistake sales professionals make is to treat it like a sales tool, but the truth is, no one likes to be sold to.

Think of it this way: if you attend a live networking event, you don’t walk into the room, throw a bunch of business cards on the table and walk out. It’s impersonal and, honestly, quite rude.

This is the same thing as “selling” on LinkedIn. Remember, no one cares about what you know until they know how much you care. And you can’t determine if what you have to offer will be well received until you know more about a prospective client.

So here are some rules to follow that won’t leave people feeling like you’re just pushing your product or service at them.

Use the “permission” connection method when reaching out

This simply means tweaking your wording when you send a connection request. Instead of using the default “I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn network,” customize your message. Provide some context for why you’d like to connect, and ask permission to do so.

For example: “Hi [name], I’m looking to expand my network of sales leaders in the Vancouver area. Would you be open to connecting on LinkedIn? –Trevor”

Refer to the challenges your prospects face in their role or business

People react best when they see that you care about what their challenges are, so ask questions around these areas. Most professionals are on LinkedIn for network building, career advancement and skill development. If you can find out their biggest hurdles to accomplishing these goals, you have more insight into how you can present your product or service in a non-salesy way.

You can ask a simple question like, “Many of my clients in your industry say that A is their biggest frustration. Do you find the same thing is true for you? Or is there something else that keeps you up at night?” Think of what you would like to be asked that might take your business a step forward, address an item on your to-do list or allow you to sleep better at night.

Offer value for free to build the relationship

This can be in the form of providing information, training, et cetera. If you have expertise you can offer for free in a training video or discovery call, or you came across some valuable information such as a white paper, offer that. The person you reach out to will appreciate that you’ve taken some time to address their needs.

Remember, 64 per cent of buyers report that they appreciate hearing from a salesperson who provides knowledge and insight.

So don’t shy away from messaging your new connections. Approach your interactions on LinkedIn the same way you would in person; and remember the rule, “Treat others the same way you would like to be treated.”

Before you send that message to a prospect, ask yourself if you would be offended or annoyed by it. If the answer is yes, focus on how you can add value first.

If you want more helpful tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn to grow a qualified sales pipeline, check out our  7 Step LinkedIn Funnel Checklist .

This article appeared on BCBusiness and is the fifth in a series of seven articles about how sales and marketing professionals can leverage LinkedIn to turn cold leads into warm prospects and more clients for their business.

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Stranger Things Need To Happen On LinkedIn https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/stranger-things-need-to-happen-on-linkedin/ https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/stranger-things-need-to-happen-on-linkedin/#respond Fri, 24 Nov 2017 21:03:30 +0000 https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/?p=2088

Want to grow your business? Start connecting with people you don’t know

You do it at parties. You do it at breakfasts. You do it on Tinder. You probably do it in the elevator. So why does the idea of connecting with a stranger on LinkedIn feel so awkward?

When it comes to LinkedIn, resistance to turning cold leads into warm ones by reaching out to strangers is a common challenge. If you can relate to this, here are a few ways to shift your perspective.

Meeting strangers is your goal

Think about this: your friends, colleagues, networking buddies and warm leads know what you do. And your product or service is not what they need, or they’ve already bought from you. It’s strangers who don’t know the value you can provide them, and they’re not going to somehow find out when a bolt of lightning strikes them and they have an uncontrollable urge to reach out to you. So it’s not only appropriate to connect with people you don’t know on LinkedIn; it’s necessary if you want to grow your business.

Meeting strangers is their goal, too

People don’t show up on LinkedIn to share pictures of their cat, get cool ideas for their kids’ Halloween costume or post a trite question on a background of purple. They’re on LinkedIn to connect for business—just like you. And if you’re feeling awkward, you can bet they’re feeling it, too. So imagine their delight and relief to have someone reach out to them first. Yes, it’s just like that first time you went to a networking event and hoped for people to come over and introduce themselves. So take the first step; they’ll be glad you did!

What’s holding you back is fear

Fear of being rejected. Fear of looking bad. Fear of failure. These three whack-a-moles are not going away, but that doesn’t mean they have to run you. Here’s an idea: tell your fears to take a day off. They can come back tomorrow. But today, you’re going to take action as though you couldn’t fail. Imagine what it will feel like when you genuinely connect with someone that could become your next client. There isn’t a better feeling.

Time is our most valuable asset

Successful businesspeople and those who never get off the ground both have one thing in common: 24 hours in a day. Can you afford to spend time driving to networking events, talking with two or three people, listening to a speaker and driving back to work? Imagine if in that same time (say, two hours) you could reach out to 20 prospects. Wouldn’t that feel more efficient, more productive?

OK, so now that I’ve encouraged you to reach out to strangers and you’ve given your fears the day off, you might be wondering: what’s the best method to connect on LinkedIn? The most effective option is to send an connection request that contains a personal message using the “permission method.” In my next article, I’ll tell you more about this and how it will completely change the way you use LinkedIn.

If you want more helpful tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn to grow a qualified sales pipeline, check out our  7 Step LinkedIn Funnel Checklist .

This article appeared on BCBusiness and is the fourth in a series of seven articles about how sales and marketing professionals can leverage LinkedIn to turn cold leads into warm prospects and more clients for their business.

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5 Tips To Attract Your Next Client With Your LinkedIn Profile https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/5-tips-to-attract-your-next-client-with-your-linkedin-profile/ https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/5-tips-to-attract-your-next-client-with-your-linkedin-profile/#respond Fri, 17 Nov 2017 13:16:55 +0000 https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/?p=2048

From the right photo to an attention-grabbing headline, here’s how to get noticed

If someone you meet at a networking event searches your name on Google, what are they likely to discover? Because your LinkedIn profile will typically show up in the first three to five results, you have the opportunity to control what they find about you. If that person is a potential client, you need an eye-catching profile to draw their attention.

Here are five tips to creating a LinkedIn profile that will make prospects want to stop on your page and reach out to you.

1. Background photo

LinkedIn’s design has changed in the past couple of years, giving you the ability to add a background photo to your profile. At the very least, you should include some type of branding that represents your identity or your company.

But what’s more useful is to address a pain point your target audience has. This opens the door for you to address how you can solve that pain point in other areas of your profile.

2. Profile photo

Your profile photo is your one chance to make that first impression, so it has to be good. A few rules of thumb:

  • Don’t use a headshot of yourself cropped out of another image. (That Mexico vacation photo where the “sun was just right” isn’t appropriate.)
  • Make sure people can see your face. The best option: a photo cropped from the elbows up.
  • It’s amazing how much more approachable you become when you lead with a smile!

3. Headline

By default, your headline pulls content from the Experience section of your LinkedIn profile, so it will display your most recent job title and the company you work for. The problem with this is that no one really cares about you—yet.

If you leave it like this, you’re missing an opportunity to articulate the solution you can provide to your ideal client. Edit this line so those landing on your profile will see you as the answer to their business problems. This section is doubly important because it’s the only line that shows up under your name in the Who’s Viewed Your Profile list. You want prospects scanning that list to immediately see the problems you can solve.

4. Summary

This section gives you the opportunity to explain to your visitor who you help, how you help them, why they should trust you and how they can find out more information. So take advantage of all 2,000 characters available, and don’t forget to include your contact information! Make it easy for someone to get hold of you.

5. Recommendations

Although your profile should clearly articulate what you do and why you’re good at it, a more effective way to build trust and credibility with your prospects is to have someone else tell the world what you do and why you’re good at it!

I’m referring to getting recommendations from past clients, colleagues and business associates. The best way to get recommendations is to give recommendations. When you surprise a current client with a flattering recommendation—unannounced—they’ll be compelled to reciprocate.

If you want more helpful tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn to grow a qualified sales pipeline, check out our  7 Step LinkedIn Funnel Checklist .

This article appeared on  BCBusiness  and is the third in a series of seven articles about how sales and marketing professionals can leverage LinkedIn to turn cold leads into warm prospects and more clients for their business.

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2 LinkedIn Sales Tips To Beat The Competition https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/2-linkedin-sales-tips-to-beat-the-competition/ https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/2-linkedin-sales-tips-to-beat-the-competition/#respond Sat, 11 Nov 2017 10:17:16 +0000 https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/?p=44 Attention, sales professionals: Office 365 and LinkedIn saved searches are your friends

If you’ve only been dabbling in LinkedIn, now is the time to make a concerted effort. And even if you think you have a handle on using LinkedIn to generate leads, here are two tips to get a jump on the competition that you may not know about.

1. LinkedIn now integrates with Microsoft Office 365

Connecting with qualified prospects took a giant leap forward recently thanks to the integration of LinkedIn with Office 365. The integration offers two new advantages to using LinkedIn.

First, LinkedIn widgets now show up in Outlook email. Given the high popularity of Outlook with many businesses, more professionals will be joining LinkedIn, or interacting with it to update their profile, read posts and respond to messages.

This will encourage sales professionals to reach out to clients and prospects as more decision makers join LinkedIn, because it will always be top of mind whenever they use their email.

Second, LinkedIn users will be able to find more information about professional contacts without ever leaving Office 365, given that LinkedIn data has now been routed to Office 365 profile cards.

The result: as soon as you establish an email link with a business decision maker, their information shows up in your Outlook inbox, enabling you to better prepare for a sales call.

More and more, buyers get upset if they feel they’re being approached generically—or that a sales rep doesn’t understand their business. Having their information drop right into your Outlook prevents that from happening and boosts your chances of closing a sale.

2. Track your prospects with saved searches

The ability to save searches on LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform lets you pinpoint your target audience with specific criteria, such as job title, industry and location.

But you may not know that once a search is saved, if someone meets the criteria for that search and changes jobs or gets a promotion, you’ll know about it right away.

The minute their profile is changed, they’ll end up in your search results as someone who has “changed jobs in past 90 days.”

Remember, statistics tell us that 50 percent of sales go to the first salesperson to contact a prospect.

Given this information, having the ability to track when your prospects move into a decision-making role is a game changer if you take advantage of this intel in your sales process.

After all, those getting a promotion are probably also getting raises or a bigger budget, which means more money to hire you or buy your product.

Also, newly hired decision makers are 10 times more likely to make a purchase decision than established ones. So by staying on top of these changes in your network, you’ll have timely information at your fingertips that will allow you to reach out and connect with your prospects at the right time.

And because business decision makers change roles at a rate of 20 per cent a year, that’s a lot of new prospects who will be showing up on your LinkedIn doorstep without you having to do any extra work.

The fact that you’re reading this article already gives you a leg up on the competition. The next step: take advantage of these two tips by connecting with your prospects so they’re aware of you, what you do, who you help, how you can help them, and how they can find out more info about the products and services you offer.

If you want more helpful tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn to grow a qualified sales pipeline, check out our 7 Step LinkedIn Funnel Checklist.

This article originally appeared on BCBusiness and is the second in a series of seven articles about how sales and marketing professionals can leverage LinkedIn to turn cold leads into warm prospects and more clients for their business.

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Why Your Sales Team Should Be Using LinkedIn https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/why-your-sales-team-should-be-using-linkedin/ https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/why-your-sales-team-should-be-using-linkedin/#comments Sat, 04 Nov 2017 11:38:33 +0000 https://www.30daysalesmachine.com/?p=1 Making this networking tool part of your sales and marketing efforts can give your business a big advantage over rivals

You’ve seen it online. You’ve probably set up your profile and get messages daily about people wanting to connect. But how well do you actually use LinkedIn to generate leads?

Knowing the opportunities that LinkedIn can offer and how to leverage them will give any business an unparalleled advantage over its competition.

The fact is, it’s getting harder and harder to capture the attention of your potential buyers. Traditional sales and marketing efforts are more expensive and less effective than they used to be. And given that at least 90 per cent of decision makers never answer cold calls, it’s becoming more difficult every day to reach your prospects.

Also, with all the noise online and in other social channels, trying to stand out amid the chatter ends up being hit-or-miss. That's where you can gain an edge over your rivals by using LinkedIn for sales and marketing.

Any business owner or sales professional knows that to keep cash flowing to the bottom line, you need to keep your sales pipeline filled with qualified prospects. LinkedIn is one of the best ways to do that consistently and professionally.

If you’re a sales director or manager, LinkedIn offers powerful benefits for your sales team, who might be struggling to meet their monthly quota because they’re using old data and outdated tactics.

Here are a few statistics that are probably affecting your ability to meet your sales goals:

All of these things show why it’s critical that you leverage a tool like LinkedIn to properly research, gain valuable intelligence and stay top-of-mind with your prospects for when they’re ready buy what you have to offer.

LinkedIn is not about hit-or-miss strategies, cold connections or fighting to be louder in an already busy marketplace; it’s about strategically building valuable, mutually beneficial relationships that will continue to serve you and your potential clients.

When used properly, LinkedIn enables users to learn about their prospects before reaching out and to tailor their messages strategically and thoughtfully—something buyers really appreciate.

LinkedIn also provides relevant, timely information about your leads, such as whether they’ve recently switched jobs or changed positions within the same company. Leveraging this data will give you and your sales team the upper hand over competitors that are still working with old information.

Best of all, LinkedIn enables you to easily understand your buyers’ pain points so you can anticipate their needs and present solutions to their business problems.

If you’re wastefully spending thousands of dollars on old-school marketing collateral like branded mouse pads—or buying lists and hiring people to manage that data, even though it's all but impossible to track ROI—you need to consider adding LinkedIn to your sales and marketing strategy.

If you want more helpful tips on how you can leverage LinkedIn to grow a qualified sales pipeline, check out our 7 Step LinkedIn Funnel Checklist.

This article originally appeared on BCBusiness and is the first in a series of seven articles about how sales and marketing professionals can leverage LinkedIn to turn cold leads into warm prospects and more clients for their business.

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