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Are you meeting your monthly revenue goals?
Q: Do you know what separates the businesses that succeed from the ones that fail?
A: Simple. SALES. So why are you focused on anything else?
The 30 Day Sales Machine Is The Step-By-Step Training  System That Will Empower You To Consistently Generate Traffic, Referrals and Sales For Your Business 
Leveraging The Power of LinkedIn
*Includes option to upgrade to INSIDERS CLUB membership level for only $47/mo (52% off regular $97/mo fee)
  **Includes free 1 hour 1-on-1 Kickstart Coaching Call (on 1 Year Access & Lifetime Access Plans)
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I have now landed one major contract for a productivity training project with one of the biggest fish farming enterprises in Norway and signed deals with two great companies that promote and deliver keynote speakers to the Norwegian event market. All thanks to what I learned from 30 Day Sales Machine! Wow, I simply love it!

Arne N

Consultant, Trainer, Adviser, Speaker, Writer
This course is great. The Facebook support group alone is worth the cost. Lots of really good info on here and quick feedback from Trevor and Jason.  

Everything is moved forward in a very organized manner with the 30 Day Sales Machine. Seeing the value already after a few days.

Brendan H

Account Director @ 
Parellel IT
Your course is very fluid and organized. There is nothing where you run into a glitch and no one can help. I have taken on many online programs, yours is Five Stars!!!!! 
Worth every single penny. You provide the forms, the follow up and flow through. I would highly recommend 30 Day Sales Machine far and wide. Thank you.

Elaine B

Healthcare Recruiter
Why LinkedIn?
Your Next Client Is On LinkedIn .... But Will They Find You Or Your Competition First?
And, even more importantly once they do find you, will your LinkedIn presence, messaging and content strategy convince them that you have the solution to alleviate their pain points?

Every purchase decision follows the same path to conversion. It is up to you to position your business ahead of your competition to land your next client.

The 30 Day Sales Machine will show you how to turn cold leads into warm prospects so you can close more deals!
The B2B Buyers Journey
LinkedIn Solves These Sales Challenges
90% of decision makers never answer cold calls
In order to reach your target audience and get them to respond to your outreach, you need to approach them with the intention of providing value to their buyers journey and leverage referrals from your network.
75% of buyers use social media in their decision making process
It is more important than ever to have a consistent, professional online presence that speaks to the needs of your target audience. Remember, your LinkedIn presence should not be about you…it should be about how you can help your ideal client.
Buyers are 57% of the way through their buying decision before reaching out to a sales person
The sales cycle for many companies can last months and involve multiple decision makers. You need to make sure that you are top of mind with your prospects well before they are ready to make a buying decision so that you're the one they turn to for professional advice.
What Is The 30 Day Sales Machine?
The 30 Day Sales Machine is an online training program that shows you the exact step-by-step system to turn cold leads into warm prospects with LinkedIn while providing the guidance needed so you never worry about where your next client will come from!

If you are an entrepreneur,business owner or  professional that sells products or services to other businesses / consumers and you'd like to join a program that will provide you with the personal attention, proven system and accountability required to generate a positive return on your time invested with LinkedIn...then this is the program for you!  
What You Get When You Join:

28 Step-By-Step Training Videos

Our 30DSM process has been refined over the past 3 years and the training ONLY includes what you need to know to see results quickly.

Turn Cold Leads To Warm Prospects

Our system will ensure you never have to worry about where your next client will come from. 

Worksheets & Messaging Scripts

Save massive amounts of time by using our proven worksheets, templates & copy/paste scripts.

Increase Your Profile Views

Amplify your results by ensuring your brand is always in front of your ideal target client

Turn Advocates Into Referrals

Follow the process and get ready for the qualified leads, traffic and referrals to roll in!

Automate & Outsource Tasks

Get maximum results from LinkedIn with minimal effort required and watch your profits soar!
Follow Our Proven Step-By-Step Process
As a 30 Day Sales Machine member, you'll get access to our step-by-step training videos that will show you EXACTLY how to execute a profitable LinkedIn Campaign.  Each step contains a series of videos & resources that you can follow to reach your financial goals.
In this step you will learn you how to setup your primary email, adjust your LinkedIn communication settings and explain which LinkedIn Premium account you should choose (and how to get a free 30 day trial...even if you are already paying for LinkedIn Premium).
Establish Your Target Audience & GOALS
In this step you will leverage our "LinkedIn Campaign - Discovery" worksheet to get clear on your "Ideal Target Prospect" by looking at your past clients. You'll then take that information and start joining the LinkedIn Groups those targets belong to.
Attract The RIGHT Prospects
In this step you will learn you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to ensure your prospects fully understand what you do, who you help and why they should trust you. We'll explain EXACTLY what you need to focus on and how to make the adjustments in less than 15 minutes.
Find Your IDEAL Target Prospects
In this step you will learn how to use the information you collected in your "discovery" process to then find your "Ideal Target Prospects" in a LinkedIn advanced search.  From there, you will setup your saved searches and Tracker tool (CRM) so you are ready to execute your LinkedIn Campaign.
Build AWARENESS & Stay Top Of Mind
In this step you will begin the process of "viewing" the LinkedIn profiles of your "ideal target prospects" using your saved searches and automation tools.  By doing so, you'll see your LinkedIn profile views shoot WAY up and create opportunities to grow your targeted 1st degree network.
Set Up Your TARGETED Prospect Database
In this step you will choose your target audience for your first LinkedIn Campaign to begin the process of building your targeted 1st degree network. We will show you how to download prospect data from LinkedIn to add to your Tracker (CRM) so you can keep track of your sales pipeline.
Draft Messaging Scripts that CONVERT!
In this step you will leverage our "LinkedIn Campaign - Messaging Scripts" to draft connection request and follow up messages.  These are copy/paste scripts that have been proven to increase conversion rates by over 60% (which means more targeted prospects in your 1st degree network!)
Grow Your TARGETED Prospect Network
In this step you will learn the process of executing your LinkedIn Campaign by sending connection requests to targeted prospects, tagging on LinkedIn & tracking your sales pipeline in your Tracker (CRM).  We'll also show you tools you can use to speed up the process and maximize your results!
Manage Your QUALIFIED Sales Pipeline
In this step you will be monitoring your sales pipe by keeping a close eye on your email inbox, "Who's Viewed Your Profile" section and "Incoming" connection requests and efficiently responding to the FLOOD of opportunities that will result from your successful LinkedIn Campaign!
Build TRUST & Nurture Relationships
In this step you will learn all the ways you can build a relationship with your new targeted network by implementing daily engagement strategies, LinkedIn publishing and direct messaging (using automation tools) that will position you as a "trusted professional", not just another "sales person".
Worksheets, Scripts, CRM & Automation Tools
Worksheets & Scripts
Members get access to our easy to follow LinkedIn Campaign discovery worksheet and copy/paste messaging scripts. We provide you with everything you need to find, connect & engage with your ideal target prospects. 
Sales Pipeline Tracker (CRM)
Our proprietary 30DSM Tracker tool will allow you to easily track your LinkedIn Campaign sales pipeline to ensure you know exactly what you've said to your prospects, how they've responded and what you should do next! 
Automation Tools
Anytime you can incorporate automation into your process, you will see amplified results.  We'll tell you which tools you can use to scale your LinkedIn efforts and show you how to use them in a responsible and effective way.
Lifetime Access & Updates
Grow Your Sales Pipeline For Now & In The Future!
In order to build a business that will be here now and in the future, you need to be able to adapt to change!  Social networks like LinkedIn change (and improve) all the time.  And, as a 30 Day Sales Machine member, you can be assured that when there are changes to LinkedIn that will affect your ability to execute your profitable LinkedIn Campaign(s), we will keep you updated and show you EXACTLY how to keep your sales pipeline filled with qualified prospects. And, of course, when you join 30 Day Sales Machine, you get LIFETIME access.  So, you can be confident in knowing that we will be here to support you as you grow your business now and in the future!  
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

When you invest in our program, we know that you are doing so because you are committed to turning cold leads into warm prospects and closing more business! Why else would you spend your hard earned money than to see a positive ROI....right?!?

You also realize that the process of building a qualified sales pipeline doesn't happen overnight. Yes, you could see very quick results (in some cases our member land clients within 24 hours of implementing our strategies!). But, let's be clear, there is no "push-button" solution that is going to magically have qualified prospects lining up to your door ready to hand you money for your products/services.  You need to follow a proven system to consistently build awareness and rapport so those prospects see you as a "trusted expert"....not just another "sales person" when they are exploring their options during their buying journey. 

If for whatever reason you are the rare student NOT making major strides towards filling your sales pipeline with qualified prospects within 30 days, let us know and we'll return every dime of your investment.  However, if you go that route, be prepared to show us everything you have done up until that point so we can see how we can help you start converting cold leads into warm prospects.

We are committed to keeping you accountable and getting you the results you are looking for! And, because you get lifetime access to the program, we will be here now and in the future, keeping you updated on only what you need to know to keep your sales pipeline filled with qualified prospects!

*Includes option to upgrade to INSIDERS CLUB membership level for only $47/mo (52% off regular $97/mo fee)
  **Includes free 1 hour 1-on-1 Kickstart Coaching Call (on 1 Year Access & Lifetime Access Plans)
Want To Amplify & Speed Up Your Results With 24/7 Support, Coaching & Mentoring?
Here's What You Get As An INSIDERS CLUB Member:
Mastermind Support Groups
Receive 24/7 Support From Our Team & Community
As a 30 Day Sales Machine member, you get instant access to our private Mastermind Support Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.  These groups are available to you anytime you need help....and most of our members say that they are worth the cost of the program alone!  You are bound to have questions as you start executing your first profitable LinkedIn Campaign.  These support groups are going to be there for you when you need feedback on your LinkedIn profile, messaging scripts and how to effectively leverage the automation tools.  Remember, there is no use in reinventing the wheel, instead seek the advice of people that have "been there and done that".  Trevor, his team and the growing community are there to keep you accountable and moving forward to reaching your revenue goals!
"What's Working Now" Mentoring Sessions
Stay Updated Monthly On What's Working On LinkedIn
As a 30 Day Sales Machine member, you get access to our monthly Mentoring sessions conducted via live Zoom Webinar events.  We outline any recent changes to LinkedIn and how they will affect your LinkedIn Campaign.  We also showcase recent case studies that you can mirror in your own strategy and answer our member questions in real time!  Monthly Mentoring sessions happen on the 2nd Wednesday of every month and all sessions are recorded so you can access them in the members area at any time.
Quarterly "LinkedIn Results" Challenges
Accountability, Extra Support & Prizes!
As a 30 Day Sales Machine member, you can join our quarterly "LinkedIn Results" Challenges that happen every quarter in the months of February, May, August and November.  The purpose of these challenges is to provide members with additional support (from our growing community & via weekly webinars) and accountability to execute their profitable LinkedIn Campaigns.  As a participant, you can also win weekly and monthly prizes including popular books from NY Times Best Selling authors, Amazon gift cards and Virtual Assistant services to help you execute your LinkedIn Campaign.  Our goal is to get you the RESULTS you are looking for when you join our program and our "LinkedIn Results" Challenge will help you reach your revenue goals!
BONUS "Sales & Marketing" Training
As an INSIDERS CLUB member, you also get access to our bonus "Sales & Marketing" training that will help you take your business to the next level with  advanced strategies that will compliment your efforts on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Campaign Outsourcing
  • Cold Email Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Banner Advertising (Retargeting)
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Closing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Webinar Marketing
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the 30 Day Sales Machine program a one time fee or recurring?
The 30 Day Sales Machine online training program is a one-time fee that gives you lifetime access and updates to our training & resources.  If you choose to upgrade to the INSIDERS CLUB level, you will be charged $47 right away and then $47/month going forward (Please note there is no contract required to upgrade to INSIDERS CLUB, you can cancel at anytime.  And, this $47/mo option is ONLY offered when you first purchase 30 Day Sales Machine.  If you choose to upgrade later to the INSIDERS CLUB level, you will pay $97/month.  And, again, there is no contract and you can cancel anytime).  We also have 2 other options if you'd like to save some $$.  You can purchase 30 Day Sales Machine INSIDERS CLUB for an annual fee of $497 or $997 for lifetime access.
What is there for support if I have questions?
If you choose to upgrade to INSIDERS CLUB, there are a number of ways we can support you including via our private LinkedIn & Facebook support groups , monthly "What's Working Now" Mentoring Session and quarterly "LinkedIn Results" Challenges.  If you have any questions, our team and community are here to make sure you keep moving forward and seeing results.
How long will it take me to implement this system and see results?
The 30 Day Sales Machine program is outlined to be executed over 30 days.  However, you can start seeing results very fast.  In fact, some of our members have landed new clients within hours of implementing the system we teach.  But, please note that this system is built to provide you with consistent, qualified prospects month over month.  Remember, your goal should be to build a long term sales pipeline you never have to worry about where your next client will come from!
What if I'm not tech savvy...can I still do this program?
Absolutely, Trevor is an amazing teacher/coach that will break down everything you need to do to be successful....step-by-step.  So, don't be intimidated if you are not very "tech savvy".  The course material is structured so that beginner and advanced LinkedIn users can easily implement it.  And, remember, if you get stuck at any time, we are there to support you if you choose to upgrade to INSIDERS CLUB level.
Are there any additional costs once I join the program?
No, you don’t have to upgrade to LinkedIn Premium, but we’ll explain the difference between the free and premium accounts and show you why you might want to upgrade and how to get a free 30 day trial if you choose to upgrade your LinkedIn account. There are also a number of tools you can use to amplify and automate your results.  Again, you do not have to use these tools to be successful with the program. But, we will explain to you HOW to use these tools so you can make the best use of your time and decide whether it makes sense to invest in automation tools.
What if I don't like this product after implementing the training?
We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that ensures you have no risk in purchasing our 30 Day Sales Machine program.  As long as you follow the instructions we provide, you will get results.  But, if you are unhappy for whatever reason, you just let us know and we will refund your full investment.  Remember, we are here to support you.  And, we know that you work hard for your money.  So, you expect results....and we know that and will do everything in our power to support, motivate and keep you accountable to reach your business revenue goals.
*Includes option to upgrade to INSIDERS CLUB membership level for only $47/mo (52% off regular $97/mo fee)
  **Includes free 1 hour 1-on-1 Kickstart Coaching Call (on 1 Year Access & Lifetime Access Plans)
About The Founder
Trevor Turnbull 
Trevor Has Been Mentioned In:
Over the past 8 years, Trevor Turnbull has educated thousands of Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Professionals on how to get REAL results from LinkedIn. As the instructor for the popular LinkedIn training program LinkedInfluence (with over 20,000 members) and the CEO of Linked Into Leads, he has a extensive background of providing results based training, lead generation services and exceptional customer support.

His "non-techie" teaching style and background in traditional and online sales & marketing has provided him with the real world knowledge of how to apply LinkedIn strategies that are easy to implement and provide maximum return on time invested. 

As a thought leader on the topic of LinkedIn, Trevor has been hired by numerous Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, Raymond James and Bank of Montreal and has been quoted in many major publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur and others for all things LinkedIn Business! 
if you any questions feel free to reach out to us by emailing: or call 1.844.44.30DSM

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